Welcome to ABCOINS.UK

Here at ABCOINSUK, I am passionate about collecting, buying, and selling collectable British coins. While my main focus is on UK Pre-Decimal coins and Silver Coins, I also offer a selection of current collectable coins for sale.

My journey as a coin collector began in 2022 when I stumbled upon some intriguing pre-decimal coinage. The experience of delving into their history and uncovering fascinating stories captivated me. Since then, I have actively sought out coins at car boots and through various vendors. Additionally, members of the public have reached out to me with their own collections.

In my inventory, you'll find a range of pre-decimal UK coins, some modern collectable coins, Occasional worldwide coinage and now and then Silver Proof and Piedfort coins. These coins are not only exquisite pieces but also hold significant historical value.

Whether you are a fellow collector, a buyer, or simply someone interested in the world of coins, I invite you to explore ABCOINSUK and discover the treasures that await you.

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Are you looking to sell your coins? Please feel free to contact me to discuss options but please be aware before hand that not all coins hold value greater than the face value of the coin. Offers for purchasing will be based on 60% of the estimated sale value of the coin so that I have a profit margain. Please dont be offended if you feel my offer is lower than you expected. I will give rationale behind my offer.