About the coins I sell

I give all the coins I sell a grading. Grading is set into 4 catagories as follows.

Proof - These coins have come out of a Proof set, and are the highest quality coins available. These command a premium price due to the condition and rarity of the coins in this condition.

BUNC - (Brilliant Un-Circulated) These coins have never been in circulation and come out of presentation packs. These command a higher price due to condition of the coins.

AUC - (About Uncirculated) These are coins found in change that are of a very high quality with very little marking or signs of wear.

CIRC - (Circulated) These coins have been in circulation and show signs of wear but still have the details on the coins visible.

I know some people might wince at the thought of me taking coins out of packaging, especially Proof and BUNC coins, but I only do this if the packaging is damaged and non repairable. When you purchase a coin, please make sure you check the grading code as I will have several of the same coin in different grades.

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